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If you are someone who has the resources to support

our other visions and want to help us grow,

here are our dreams that we are working towards

*All donations made on this website are going directly to the education of children unless otherwise agreed upon and explicitly stated

1. Promotional Video for the Charity

Images tell so much more than words.

So far each sponsor has been found through word of mouth, one person at the time telling their friends.

And this is a beautiful way, however as we are expanding and there are more and more children needing sponsors, we are looking at a better way to tell our story.

The mission is to fly to Rwanda and interview the children themselves, so they can tell what impact being sponsored has on them.

We want to show the real Rwanda and give an opportunity  to the people that need help to speak for themselves.

Estimated Cost: 5000 euros 


– flight tickets for 3 people, accommodation and food

  (Kasia + Filmmaker/Cameraman, Filmdirector)

– Camera equipment and Editing

Any leftover from the budget will go towards the children.


If you want to support us making this dream happen, you can become the producer and credit will be given to you at the end of the movie.



2. Jonas’ Dream:

Starting a tourist company that will support the Charity

No one wants to live off charity forever.  Most people, when given the chance and opportunity want to feel empowered, self-reliable and independent.

That’s why poverty is so horrible: without any starting capital it can be nearly impossible for someone to dig themselves out of the hole and escape the vicious cycle.

For many of us living in privilege it’s unfathomable to understand all the challenges that someone without any resources has to face.

Jonas has finished his degree in economics and over the last 6 years has been dealing with people from all over the world, either as a tour guide or intermediary between sponsors and children. His English has improved and his confidence to be in the world has grown. He is a truly responsible and capable man.



His dream now is to start his own professional tourist company that will allow him to have his own income, support his extended family and create opportunities in his community.

In order to become a desirable and popular tourist company in the eyes of the tourist, one needs a car!  Otherwise everyone simply goes to the competitor.

And that’s where the starting capital is needed! Cars in Rwanda are imported and therefore not as cheap as one might expect.

Jonas’ plan is to pay 10% of revenue towards the Charity and thus create a circle of empowerment and self-reliability. On top of that he will be able to create employment opportunities to many of the students that are being sponsored now.

Estimated cost: 

car: 16 000 – 30 000 euros (depending on car)

website and setting up a business: 5000 euros

Jonas has a business plan ready to show all the costs.

3. Basic Emotional Intelligence

Training for Children


It has become apparent over the last 50 years or so that simply receiving an education is not enough to cultivate the basic faculties of a human.

Children need to learn more than just history and algebra.

Kasia’s dream is to create a course that will provide children with the basic skills to become emotionally intelligent.



The course would teach them

– How to deal with their different emotions like anger, fear, jealousy etc.

– How to stay grounded and in their body

– How to have strong boundaries

– How to stay connected to their worthiness

– How to love and accept themselves

… and much more

Estimated Cost: 5 000 – 10 000 euros

4. Micro-financing for Small


Many of the families that can’t send their children to school lack a basic income. Either it’s single mothers or parents who have lost their jobs due to accidents or illness.

Supporting those families to start up their own small business like selling groceries or working as a seamstress for example means they will be able to feed their children and work towards a more independent, empowered future.


Costs dependent on circumstance.


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